issue 2

Editor’s Note by Mark Flaum

Nature and Culture: An Introduction to the Music of Henning Christiansen by Mark Harwood

Listening at the Limits: Environmental Sound in Onkyo and Wandelweiser by David Grundy

De Tijuana a Merida: Los 10 Mejores Discos Mexicanos del 2013 (Espanol) by Gerardo Alejos

From Tijuana to Merida: Top 10 Mexican Albums of 2013 (English) by Gerardo Alejos

Fractured Landscapes: Language and Identity in Post-Colonial Kenyan Music by David Crawford Jones

About Mr. Q and His Trip to Europe by Taku Unami

A Process of Finding: Angharad Davies by Jennie Gottschalk

Memorable by Nicolas Carrasco Diaz

Lasts a Lifetime: The Lambkin / Lescalleet Trilogy by Matthew Horne

We Still Believe in the Power of Improvisation: A Conversation Between Miguel Prado and Mattin